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Top 5 Things I Hate About Being a Woman...

I am absolutely stealing this from Martinis and Minivans...

My Top 5 Things I Hate About Being a Woman

1. Boob sweat

Martinis and Minivans put it as #5 and I putting at number #1.  It sucks.  I do use deodorant. 

2. Swollen Ankles and Feet

There is nothing pretty about seeing the impressions of my cute strappy sandals still on my feet when I take them off.

3. Migrains

I can't comprehend why the world won't stop when I have one.  I am not asking for long, just enough time to catch my breath.  And, by world I mean little people who n-e-e-d me and my man who needs me

4. Shaving arm pits

Who sees them but me, really, so why do I feel guilty when I forget to do it and wear a tank top?  I'm not sleeping with the person who may not like the look of it and at this particular point in our married life I think the husband is only looking at one area of my body at the time.  Sure, there will be a time again that shaving arm pits for him will be romantic again but I think we will both be happy if I used the time for a quicky then in the shower.

5. Cleaning

I hate it, I am not good at it, and I hate feeling like I need to be the one responsible for it. 

What's on your list?

Thank you

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