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Having a Ball at Work

Having a Ball at Work

I have gained a lot of weight this past year. The most I have ever gained and not pregnant. I am not happy.

In an effort to motivate myself, I bought (another) balance ball to sit on while at work.

source: amazon (affiliate link)
My original balance ball for work was an actual chair!

But, I somehow got a hole in it and instead of patching it I threw it out.

As for the chair part, well in my pregnancy brain, I thought I should take it home while on maternity leave. Why I had to I just don’t recall and it got in my way.

So I tossed it down the basement stairs and didn't think about it until it was time to return to work – twelve weeks later. The ball still worked, till it didn’t.

Needless to say, I thought it was time for a new one and bought a Gaiam Total Body Balance Ball pretty cheap on amazon.

I seemed to have blocked how it is that I came to blow up my first balance ball chair but lucky for me, I ordered the balance ball kit and it came with a pump (and some other things to use if I wanted to work out with the ball).

Having a Ball at Work inflating

Two things to remember if you decided to order one for your office:

1) The directions say wait until the ball is at room temperature, do it. 

The ball looked wrinkled when I blew it up and I was afraid that it would burst. Obviously it didn't but still, why take chances?

Me and Having a Ball at Work

2) Prepare to have every guy in your office stop by to see you as you pump up your big blue ball. 

Besides that, love my ball chair!  My core feels tighter already!

Chair Having a Ball at Work

The one big question I have that no one seems to be able to answer for me...

If I eat lunch while on the ball - do calories count?

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