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A Girls Night with @MitzinTheBurbs at @CharlesScottSal

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Some girls love spa days and getting their hair done and then there is me.  

It is nerve racking and panic inducing.  I remember there was a time when I enjoyed it, but I never really get what I ask for and I am always disappointed.

So, when Canopi invited me to the Charles Scott Salon in Rocky River for an event hosted by Wella Professionals and Elle, I was a bit skeptical but applied back yes to the invitation.  I have to get out of my comfort zone and my blog is about me needing a play date - this event makes sense.

After saying yes, I texted my pal to see if she would go with me and her reply was something to the effect: America Idol is on and I have extensions why would I need a consultation?

Needless to say that not only did Mitzi, from Mitzi n' the Burbs, go but she was tackled by a wonderful stylist that wanted to do her hair.  In fact, when I saw them talking, I thought they were old friends!  I know she is planning to go back and I may just have to join because the woman who did my hair was open, honest and really fantastic.  These are qualities I like in a stylist because I don't think I have very good taste so someone who will tell me "no" (as in no, you should not cut your hair into a pixie bob) is a bonus. 

My stylist was Karli and when I first sat down I had no idea what to expect. My hair is long and I had just come from rushing the kids home after a long day in the office.  I did not have enough wine, yet, to feel pretty but that didn't matter, Karli went right from hello and expertly into questions about my hair and what I do with it - long and nothing.  I did mention that I occasionally used a flat iron and she whipped her's out to give me tips.

Not only did she give me pointers but also explained that what I see as "frizzies" is actually new growth and directly related to having a baby and still nursing.  My hormones are still wonky.

She did a fantastic job, but I think I will leave my flat iron parked in the closet and go to her for special occasions.  

What made the night really special, was that the event was open to regulars and guests - it was a party!  And they just happen to be doing hair, nails and makeup while drinking wine and eating fancy finger foods.

 I am so glad I said yes. 

What makes you feel pretty?

Thank you

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