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Because Prompts are Fun #5 - Guilt

Last week on Because Prompts are Fun (presented by Tales from The Nursery and iNeed a Playdate), we asked you to write about l o v e.  Love.

I shared my top 5 "Get IT on Songs" and it seems a lot of other participants preferred this prompt as well and shared their love songs lists.  In fact, only The Shopping Duck shared their first love story and it is well worth the read - sweet, touching and a funny.

There is still time to link up with last week's theme but even if you don't I highly suggest you take a look at all the great posts.

This week’s theme is GUILT

1. Something you know you shouldn't feel guilty about but do.
2. Confess a guilty pleasure.
3. Share a time you got in trouble.

Choose one of the prompts, write a blog post, and come back on Friday to link it up!

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