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Because Prompts are Fun #3 - Movies

Last week on Because Prompts are Fun presented by Darcy from Tales from The Nursery and I, we asked for an introduction, either about your blog or about yourself and some even did both and they were all pretty great!

We learned how Tahila is pronounced in Hello, My Name Is, what makes Janet in GoingCrazy?, well... crazy and Ashly gave up some "tidbits" while sharing what's behind her and her blog.  I must admit that I especially loved my co-hosts creativity in Darcy's Intro.

The link is still open if you would like to add your introduction.

For this week's prompt, let's go to the movies! 

This week’s theme is MOVIES.

Choose one of the prompts, write a blog post, and come back on Friday to link it up!

1. The story of your life is being turned into a major motion picture!  Who will you cast?

2. List, up to five, of your favorite movies or movies you are looking forward to see this year.

3. What's the best way to see a movie -theater or at home? 

See you Friday!
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