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Because Prompts are Fun - Top 5 Let's Get it on Songs #promptsrfun

Movies have played such a large roll in my life, probably more than they should play.
I can pick out a movie to go with every major life decision I have ever made. High Fidelity is one of those movies, hence the Top 5 lists on my blog. I have been doing top 5s since that movie and unknowingly before that movie.

The movie is wrapped in music references to tell a love story and High Fidelity, is that movie that made me want to actually settle down and get married. I did not think I would get married and especially not to the guy that would become my husband.

What does this have to do with my music list? Nothing but the inspiration for every music list ever! And, every list of songs about love will always have Let's Get It On...

In honor of love, here are my Top 5 "Let's Get It On" Songs

1.  Let's Get It On, Jack Black

Must be the Jack Black version from the movie High Fidelity. I told you I loved the movie! The passion he brings to that song is surreal especially since it is so unexpected.

2. Secret, Maroon 5

No song has ever turned me on faster than this one and I play it when ever I need to get in the mood.  Love the breathy vocals and the slow start to the song.  Oh la la!

3. Crack the Shutters, Snow Patrol

I can not get enough of the song and the lyrics - "You cool your bed-warm hands down On the broken radiator And when you lay them freezing on me I mumble, "Can you wake me later?" - sigh

4. Just Breathe, Pearl Jam

Just a good old fashion love song.  Slow, sweet and simple.  Plus, I still love me some Eddie Vedder

5.  I Need You, Tim McGraw and Faith Hill 

Watch this video.  I mean it.  Watch it.  Do it now.  The heat and love between the two just amazes me.   If they ever split up I will be heartbroken.

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