A Love Letter to the Object of My Affection

I’ve wanted to write this to you for such a long time and now that I am, I barely know where to begin.

I’m just sitting here looking at the keyboard, trying to work and I catch you from the corner of my eye. I can hardly type as it is; you’ve got me so distracted.

I love the way you look but more importantly, how you look at me. You make me feel wanted. And, I want you.

I want to get away with you and give you what you and I both need but there never seems to be enough time. And, when there is finally that moment, I worry - am I too late?

But then I look at you and you reassure me that I am not.

So, I take you in my hands and I fill you up.

Source: obaz.com via MryJhnsn on Pinterest

I love you, my dear coffee mug, I love you.

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2.) Write a love letter to the object of your affection.