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Getting My @Body_Back One Chapter at a Time

Holy crap the last two weeks have been crazy! Between work, Thanksgiving and oh yea, The Husband having emergency appendectomy - there has been little time for me to think let alone write!

I have been slacking and everything seemed to fall apart. One thing that has been helping me get through was the book I recently gave away, Body Back. Yes, I was supposed to write this review over a week ago and yes, I failed to do so in a BIG way but I can honestly say that this book has not only helped me pass the time away between surgery, playing nurse and not being able to sleep.

First off, the pictures are amazing! It could be because the size of the book is a few inches away from being coffee table size or it could be that they are just so well done. I tried to take a picture to illustrate what I mean but my pictures do not do them justice.

Besides the gorgeous photography, Heather Porter writes like she is having a conversation. As with some diet books that are filled with unnecessary science or big words that by no means cover what I need to know – Heather (yes, I feel as if I am on first names with her) talks to me as if we are friends. She shares what worked for her without being too preachy or by talking down to me.

Heather cleverly sets up the beginning of the book by dedicating a chapter to each body part as to take your body back one part at a time. And not just parts like flabby arms and less than firm bottom but also body parts like hair, teeth, nails and posture.

The second half of the book delves into the more complex topics like diet, exercise, environment and so much more. Even though they are detailed in their information as in silicone vs. saline and how to wear your clothes for your figure, she is through without coming off as overly dry. This stuff could have been boring but she made it interesting, visually appealing and so very useful.

Even if I don’t have time to read a whole chapter, I still get something out of it my skimming a page. I keep it in the living room so while I am waiting on someone or bored with TV I can flip through the pages. Huh, I guess if I had a coffee table, this would be on it.

As an added bonus, the Body Back website is full of amazing finds and their Facebook and Twitter feeds are equally amazing with the quality of information that is shared.  Seriously, follow Body Back!  I highly recommend this even if you don’t have extra pounds to lose but want to feel better or look better.

Fine Print:  I received a copy of this book in exchange for the review and giveaway.  My opinions are 100% my own.

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