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Happy Belated Halloween

My poor suburb.  First, no fireworks on the Fourth of July due to technical difficulties and than the worst storm to hit the east coast hits us at Halloween.  We better hold on to our hats this Thanksgiving and Christmas if this is an indication of what happen during holidays this year.

I, for one, was glad that Halloween was delayed four whole days.  For one, I did not decorate and I forgot that we had to carve a pumpkin, which I still had to buy.  Past years we did some sort of fall activity that involved getting pumpkins but I seemed to avoided all things Halloween until the weekend before and we had so much to do that the last thing I wanted to do was buy and carve pumpkins.

And, than the storm hit. 

Schools were closed, power was out and Halloween was delayed.  I had time to buy and carve pumpkins.  And, of course, I waited to long so they were starting to rot.  I carved them anyway, with the help of the kid's designing skills, and they looked just fine by me. 

Even if they smelled a little and you only really smelled it if you got right up on them. 

As the kids and the Husband went door to door, I sat on the porch, wrapped in an afghan, drinking wine and passing out candy.  Since I typically have to do the trick or treating, I was pretty content.  At least until a little brat asked what was in my jelly jar.  Judge much?

Happy (belated) Halloween!

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