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When the Freak Did That Happen…? Baby Girl Talks?

I am not sure the exact moment it started or even the first phrase (I have an idea) but my Baby Girl is using words! Phrases! Sentences even!


Communication on her part has never been an issue. She is so very expressive, her face gives her away thoughts every time. You know when she is mad, happy, playful and even hungry.  But, now! Now, she uses words! Sort of makes me saying, “Use your words” seem less weird now that she can use her words.

And, what were her first phrases you ask?
“I’m mad” and “Switch sides”
When she is mad, she pouts with hands on hips (or sometimes arms crossed depending on the severity) and turns her back to you. Now, she does all of that as she tells you, “I’m mad!

The first time she did this I peed myself laughing.

As for “switch sides,” well some back story is needed first:

We co-sleep. We had to co-sleep because I would never get a wink of sleep because she preferred nursing at night. Technically, I don't know if she preferred it so much as hated using a bottle at the babysitters during the day and was just plain hungry at night. Regardless, we still co-sleep, in a king size bed. Because of the height of the bed, I had taken to sleeping on the edge of the bed to prevent her from rolling out of bed.

When it was time to, uh, switch boobs, I would say, “switch sides” and I would move to the opposite end, staying on the edge and she would follow. She now refers to nursing as “switch sides!” She will often say this with a grin that would melt the icecaps and usually followed with a “pahleeaassseee” (that would be please if you don’t speak toddlerease).

Lately, she has been adding “too” to her responses. So not only does she talk but she uses grammar!

Where is time going?!?!? Where????

Me: “I’ve missed you!”
Her: “Missed you, too, mommy!”

Me: “love you”
Her: “wuv you, too, mommy”

Can’t you just hear the sweetness dripping from those lines?

I wish I could bottle this sweetness up and make her drink it the first time she tells me she hates me.
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