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What Message Are We Sending to Teenage Girls Anyway?

I am not sure why this upsets me, but it does. 

It could be that a high school age girl would share this with her friends and that any one would "like" it.

It could be that comic sans will make anything look light and airy and that irks me when ever I see regardless.

It could be that this was intended as a sweet(?), innocent(?) note between boyfriend and girlfriend but all a I see is an over controlling, neanderthal ass.

It may have been a sweet note had it not been for the last line.

It may even be a sweet if a high school girl did not think it is okay and that should go both ways.

 High school should be a time to get to know who you are, not who your boy friend is.  Don't get me wrong - I am all for dating in high school because it is an opportunity to learn how to be in a relationship with the protection of mom and dad but this is not dating.  This can not be healthy. 

You are in HIGH SCHOOL for goodness sakes.  Be a high schooler.  Go on dates and group dates, go to dances, the mall, flirt and have fun.  Leave the crazy to those of us who did it. 

I have written letters to my daughter and have even shared them on here (and here) but for this one I hope that the image speaks for itself.  You do not want a boy like this.  You do not want to be the girl or woman who thinks that this is okay.  Sure we may feel like this from time to time but it is not healthy.

Besides, being married I look forward to someone checking out my ass so don't knock it, I'll take the compliment thank you very much.

What are your thoughts on this note?  Am I over reacting? 

The note originates here but I don't care to find the original.  I will say, that the Jon_100 is a very creative individual and does not seem to be an actual neanderthal or an ass.  He seems like a very nice young man.

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