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Top 5 Songs That Tell the Story of Me

Top 5 Songs That Tell the Story of Me

Top 5 Songs That Tell the Story of My Life... (so far)

When I was in high school, I crushed on everyone and dated no one. Part of me is glad for that but there is a bigger part of me that feels that I would have learned more about who not to date when it mattered if I had more practice.  Still, I often wished I could have told a certain someone that Damn, I Wish I was Your Lover.

Speaking of whom not to date...  I took me *cough* seven years to figure out that there is a Better Man.

When I came into who I was in my twenties, Sexuality was my anthem and I embraced my own.  I was free of a bad relationship, working in a nightclub and in an apartment of my own for the first time.  I was free and I had so much fun.  There was some heartbreak but I was so very happy.

Little did I know that I could be happier though...  My husband bought me John Mayer's Four Square album after we decided to try dating.  We had know each other for ten years at this point and had been hanging out for the last three years, telling people that we were not dating.

Turns out that we probably were dating the whole time but I did not realize I was in love with him until we stayed up all night listening to this album, on my old, comfy sofa.  Who knew we would get hitched a few years later?

Since, I can't exactly pick the whole album, I'll go with Your Body is a Wonderland.

And now, I am totally stealing Swagger Wagon from Moments That Define Life, because it fits how my life is now, too.

I, however, do not embrace driving a minivan and a small piece of me dies when I turn the key.  This year I am getting a car.  A safe, reliable, not a minivan, car.  The video is very funny.

What song (or songs) would be on your list?

Thank you

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