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My Obsession with Nicholas Sparks Continues...

In case you missed my post about Nicholas Sparks (I will wait till you read it) you may not now that I am a fan, but I am a fan (since you went back and read the post, you know). I really like his movies (except one and I will get to that) but I really and truly love his books despite only having read a handful of them.

I have become somewhat obsessed with Nicholas Sparks over the last few weeks. Okay, maybe months. It started, innocently enough while watching The Notebook on television. I like to watch movies on TV because they edit out all the unnecessary bits and condense it into the time it takes me to wash and fold a few loads of laundry.

The Husband does not understand. Why not get the movie? How can you watch it like that? Why would you want to? Yada yada yada.  I just look at him over my glasses as I fold a towel. Its not like I have not seen this movie 100 times and never mind I’ve read the book.  Watching it on TV is not going to ruin the ending for me and it beats a marathon of who gives a shit housewives (okay, I do but not the point).

Despite, watching it on TV, he was intrigued, got the movie and like it. I was reminded how much I like Nicholas Sparks, read The Best of Me, wrote a blog post and then checked out Nights in the Rodanthe (the book).

I mentioned that I would like to see Nights in the Rodanthe since I loved the book so he got it and watched it, without me. He promptly called and asked why I liked it and wondered if all of his movies/books end in tragedy. I thought he was nuts because the book was amazing and made him watch it again.

Worse. Movie. Ever. So bad. So very, very, very bad.  It was so bad, that during the movie I wrote a review and I never do that.  To say I hate the movie is an understatement. In fact, if they changed the title, disassociated Nicholas Sparks and let it stand on its own it would still be a horrible movie. I want my 90 minutes back.

The book was brilliant and the events that happened on those nights in the Rodanthe totally made sense because of the time frame leading up to those nights that the movie powers to be screwed with in the movie. I refuse to believe that Nicholas Sparks had anything to do with this movie.

That said - it does seem like Nicholas Sparks' entire body of work ends in a romantic tragedy. The Husband concluded that the only one that didn’t was The Notebook (spoiler alert: they both die) and I have to agree.  Actually, he said The Vow and The Notebook but with some quick clicks of my mouse we realized that The Vow was only like a Nicholas Sparks novel but it’s not.

Anyway, I have decided to read all sixteen Nicholas Sparks books. I have already read several of them and by several that would be five (not including the one I am reading now).

I am on a mission to find one book that the romantic leads live.

Don’t tell me if there is one. I need to find out on my own. If you would like to comment on the ones I have read feel free and if you would like to follow me on my journey I will be posting them on Good Reads. This may take awhile due to library availability.

Nicholas Sparks I Have Read

The Notebook
A Walk to Remember
Message in a Bottle
The Best of Me
Nights In Rodanthe

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Do you have a favorite Nicholas Sparks movie or book?

My Year with Nicholas Sparks (books)

The Notebook
Safe Haven
A Walk to Remember
The Guardian
Three Weeks With My Brother
A Bend in the Road
The Lucky One
Dear John
The Rescue
The Last Song
The Choice
The Wedding
Message in a Bottle
At First Sight
The Best of Me
Nights In Rodanthe

Mary's favorite books »

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