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It Happened on a Bus One Day

 It Happened on a Bus One Day

I did not date in high school.  Partially, because I was scared to death that my mom would live up to her promise to come on any and all dates but mainly because I was never asked out by any one I wanted to actually spend time with outside of school activities.  I also had to leave my calendar open in case one of my many crushes came to their senses and finally asked me to go out.  They never did.  I am okay with that and I have a therapy bill blog to prove it.

I digress.

When I finally took the plunge and had my first real boyfriend, I was in my first semester at community college.  No jokes.  I need to up my GPA and I could still live at home to save money.  In addition to living at home, I did not drive, yet.  My second boyfriend would be the one to get me through the test but that is another story.  No, today I want to talk about the first time I got dumped.  The original prompt is for duped but I feel that this is one and the same 

As I said, I took the bus.  Most days it was fine because I took it downtown and it was easy peasy living in a suburb spitting distance from Cleveland.  On Tuesdays, however, I had to take an hour long bus ride, out to another suburb, to the college's other campus to take the classes for my major.

It was because of this bus ride that I met my first.  He was cute.  He was very cute and he liked me.  And, yes, by first I mean first.

Over the long bus rides to and from the campus we had long, wonderful talks about life and the future.  As it turns out, he actually lived further east of downtown so I was also exposed to a whole new area of town and it was fun.  He also had his own apartment and that was a big bonus for a gal who lived at home.

Our first night together was, well, magical, the heaven's opened and the angels sung.  Okay, I am totally making that up because I only remember telling him that I could not stay the night because I was expected home.  I was only nineteen for Christ's sake. 

This went on for a few months.

And then, one day, he was not at the usual waiting spot and  I got on the bus with out him. Walking to the back of the bus I spotted why he was not waiting for me.

He was already on the bus, with the French chick that he said was just his friend.

They were holding hands.

Longest.  Bus.  Ride.  Ever.

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