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@MyRetroKitchen's Hot Udon Peanut Noodles via Facebook

Hello Tuesday!  Just when you thought I would never do another recipe via Facebook - bam - Hot Udon Noodles!!!

This week's awesome blogger is Amie of My Retro Kitchen.  I love, love, love her blog!  And, not just for amazing photos of food (but they are amazing!) or because she is a local to my area but because her recipes are ridiculously easy to follow and they taste as good as they look, even when I make them!

I have two tags permanently bookmarked from her blog - 1. Breads (she has a recipe for those flat, round sandwich buns!) and 2. Kid Friendly.  No matter where you are on her blog, you will find lots of goodies and usually pretty healthy. 

Oh and would you believe she will also be on TV this morning!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012
10:00 am

And now, Hot Udon Peanut Noodles via Facebook!

on Facebook

Food Porn at its best! (source)

If you like her recipe (or just want to check out all her wonderfully, tempting recipes) be sure to stop by her blog and let her know.  You can also leave a comment on my Facebook page.

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