Join @HaveSippy, @ClosertoLucy, @Blessed_Element and me in the #RTClub

@HaveSippy@ClosertoLucy, @Blessed_Element and I are so glad you are back this week!

Help us spread the word!

Feel free to follow the hostesses, check back through out the week and tweet, tweet, tweet!  Let's help each other promote, gain new followers and increase our "klout."

iNeed a Playdate.

[Extra, Extra... Read the best from the #rtclub on the Daily RTClub Paper]

By the way... Follow me, @mryjhnsn, on twitter and let me know that you want to be on the #RTClub List!
I also add random folks - feel free to check out the list here to see if you are on it or want to be taken off it.


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