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My Latest Obsession - YouTube and @BoyceAvenue

I realize how very late to the game I am but it never occurred to me that I could utilize YouTube for free music!  Free!  How did I not know that YouTube was not just silly videos of silly people?!?

Who the heck needs Pandora and their silly rules when I can hear amazing new musicians like Boyce Avenue!  And, so freakin' cute!

I attempted to make a list of (youtube) music videos that I could listen to at the office and repeatedly but it really is just a list dedicated to Boyce Avenue with a few random ones thrown in for good measure.

I can not get enough of this band!

So, this an original of there's -

And, this is the one that I have on repeat (and repeat and repeat) -

Mama Kat's videos crack me up and she is how I found Boyce Avenue (well, she recommended a singer via  a blog post, who was okay, but YouTube recommended Boyce Avenue)

And, just because this family of vloggers are ridiculously silly...

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