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Year in Review 2011

This past month has been hard for me, personally, but there is nothing better then taking a look back and seeing all the wonderful things that happened this year, through this blog.  Luckily Mama Kat has a prompt for this so I have no excuse not take a look back.

In January, I was still pretty shy about writing and only had seven posts.  From the seven, Dear Daughter was my favorite.  Teen pregnancy, message to my kids and a video (not mine, but wish it was) - what's not to like?

I ranted about grocery stores and won a writing contest.

I wrote about self esteem and was featured on the BlogHer Facebook page.


My first guest post on Clue into Cleveland!  I wrote all about... well you can read that here.
My first Mama Kat submission is here and followed my my first poem since high school (also a Mama Kat prompt).


My first blogger event at Lodi Outlets where I first met other mom bloggers in Ohio.  My favorite being MyGotFam.

I shared my sweet tea secret ingredient despite hating sweet tea.

I wrote a lot in August but the one I will share is the one that Mama Kat commented on because I totally geeked out that she noticed my twitter awkwardness.


Clue into Cleveland and I started collecting shoes for Soles 4 Souls Flippin' Good Deeds Blogger Challenge sponsored by my favorite wine, FlipFlop Wine.


I wrote I'm a Dance, Not a Boxer for a Write of Edge, Red Writing Hood prompt and got me klout in boxing.Go figure.  I originally wrote it about a fictional character, but it describes how December went for me.

November I posted every day for NaBloPoMo and I think I ran out of things to write about... well, maybe not but time will tell.  One of my favorite is The Rental Car.  I need to write more like that if I ever want to write a Harlequin.


I have written very little this month and sadly my favorite piece I wrote this month is the one I posted before this post, about my son and sibling rivalry.  I really struggled with the Christmas season, to the point that if I heard one more Christmas song I was going to slit my wrists (okay, minor exaggeration) but I am truly blessed for my little family and I am praying the new year will bring more joy.

Writing Prompt

1.) This year in blog posts…choose a favorite post from each month of 2011 and share.

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