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What is on Your Wish Sexy List?

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I have shopped for the kids, the husband, the mailman and that co-worker two cubicles over from me that I got in the office gift exchange. I have wrapped and tagged the gifts that need to be wrapped and tagged and the gifts that need to be built or batteried are waiting in the wings. I have hung every single ornament, in every bare space imaginable and I did so with glee. I have even baked till I could bake no more (but still have to because Santa will need more).

Could there be any more to do to make this Christmas bright?


Have you taken a moment to put together your list?
And, not the practical list either - I'm talking about that other list?

The naughty list!

Sweet candy cane

Sex kitten wicked wax – massage candle
I love, love, love this kind of candle! Light the candle and the room fills with a wonderful scent and once the wax starts to melt you pour it into your hands (or on to a body part) to use in massage or to just keep the skin soft. I admit that when the winter winds get to be too much, I will lite it during my shower and then used the wax as lotion.

Heart warmer

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