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Top 5 Songs from My iPod's Genius List

Top 5
Songs from iPod Genius using Waiting in Vain

  1. Waiting in Vain - Yes, Bob Marley did a version, maybe even the first, but I love Annie Lennox's rendition.  I also love this movie and believe whole heartily in serendipity.  (And, all things John Cusack, hence the idea behind Top 5 (in case, you did not know).)
  2. Trouble Me - I first heard this at Spirit Retreat for Confirmation (its a Catholic thing) - not sure if it was mine or one that I was leader/volunteer for but it has stayed with me ever since.  I was actually a little shocked to see it come up because I did not even realize that the song was on my iPod.
  3. Fortress Around Your Heart - All though I really dig the song, the song is from a compilation CD from Victoria's Secret many, many, many, many moons ago.  Like way back when they gave out compilation CDs with purchase and it was cool to play it in your car.
  4. Crazy Love - Two of the musicians singers ever, doing a duet - awesome!  "I can hear her heartbeat from a 1000 miles"  How would you not one someone to sing that to you (even when they can't sing).  This is who I strive to be, in this song, I am the Crazy.  Hmm... maybe I should rethink that...
  5. Always On Your Side - It is damn near impossible not to do a genius list with out having Sheryl Crow on it because I have so much of her music on my iPod.  That said, I played this song repeatedly, to the detriment of my co-worker when the album first came out and I was having boy troubles.  
Feel free to link up your list (it does not have to be like mine, heck, it does not even have to be a list if you are participating NaBloPoMo)...

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