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My Sweet and Soulful Little Man in 8 Lines

My Sweet and Soulful Little Man in 8 Lines

The last 19 months and two weeks, my first baby has come seconded to his baby sister.

He plays by himself and hardly ever shows his disappointment when he comes second to her.  Even though I know that he is sad and misses a time when it was just us.

I've heard some parents say their oldest tried to harm the baby and even some older siblings who tried to smother their new sibling with a pillow, not my sweet boy.

My sweet and soulful little man has an incredible amount of patience for me and it makes my heart ache when he does have to wait for me.

He is not perfect and, on occasion, may be a little less then careful with his sister but he is always watching and ever diligent to be sure she is safe from others who are not as careful.

Sure, he may want to send her back and even may want to send her to the curb from time to time but, at the mention of my doing it, he is quick to block the door so that I don't follow through with my (non-existent) threat.

My builder of Lego cities, driver of Match Box cars and tornado watcher extraordinaire is simply amazing in his ability to take second to his baby sister.

He does not know that a teenier, tiny, ity bity part of me wishes it was just us, for a moment - just a moment.

Thank you

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