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My First NaBloPoMo Post for 2011

NaBloPoMo 2011I am going to do it... again!

I attempted this last November and failed.

I did six posts plus two for December.

I will do it this year.

If my sister, can do National Novel Writing Month (for the last several years), I should be able to handle National Blog Posting Month. Right?

This month, also marks the move from the official NaBloPoMo site to the new home on BlogHer.  I am not sure what this will mean but it should be good.  It must be, cause' the blog role is up to like 510 participants and there are promises of prizes the first week.  Prizes are good.  Sign up goes until November 5 (in case you are wondering.) and as it happens, I am number 119, which ironically, is my birth date.

My biggest problem doing this post a day thing is weekends - I don't post on weekends.  It has to be something... special, important, late, time sensitive, absolutely inspired or not my choice to post on a Saturday or Sunday.
So...  I am doing my Saturday and Sunday posts for the whole month, early and they have a theme.

Top 5 lists on Saturday and a sentimental memory on Sunday.  Nothing fancy.  Easy and quick.  I am also including a linky so feel free to link up a post, past or present, that fits and you don't have to be participating to link a post.  Heck, even it it doesn't fit but you are participating in NaBloPoMo feel free to link a post.

I hope you enjoy my daily posts and I have at least two contests in November, a few reviews, plus the 12 Days of Gifts Galore Giveaway Blog Hop which starts November 25 and runs through December, it won't be all  me rambling.

My first Saturday Top 5 List will be songs on my iPod from my genius list.  I know exciting stuff but I picked a random song and went from there. 

Any ideas on what I should write about?

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