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Trick or Treat Spotlight: My Monster Burrufu

Trick or Treat Halloween Giveaway Hop will take place 10/28-11/2 and will feature many fun treats and tricks!

Please take a moment to get to know one of the companies who will be participating:

"My Monster Burrufu" is a cute book about overcoming fears, finding acceptance, the dangers of prejudging and admitting when we have made a mistake.  It is also a little bit a of a tear jerker but in a good way!


Although the intended age of this book is 8 - 12 year olds, my first grader and I have started reading it a little bit at a time before bed and have been enjoying it so much. It is a perfect story for this time year and it ties in with our move (even though it has been a few months) and his new school! The story is so sweet and the illustrations are even sweeter.

Speaking of the illustrations, they are done by Alessandra Sorrentino who is an illustrator for Cartoon Network, Disney and BBC and the story was written by Alberto Corral who is a character animator for DreamWorks Animation.  Talk about talent!  Check out the website: to see some examples of the illustrations.

The little girl has moved and has meet a monster, but he is a friendly monster! Dad does not approve, at first, but he will see the light and remember that being ugly on the outside is not an indicator of what is on the inside.  The story moves quickly and the language flows perfectly.  There is suspense, action and even a few tears.  I highly recommend this book!  Even if your child is not old enough, yet, they will be one day.  It would also not surprise me if you see My Monster Burrufu in a theater one day.  It. Is. That. Good.

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Fine Print:
I did not get paid for this post but I did receive an actual copy of the book (and not a digital download).  The opinions in this post are 100% mine.
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