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Let's Talk About Holiday Cards and Shutterfly!

Full disclosure:  my husband is a photographer.  It is not his day job, anymore, but he is still very much in demand among his friends and family.  From weddings to portraits - he is amazingly talented.  I feel the need to share this up front because you, dear reader, are getting a sneak peak of our Christmas card and you may be jealous at how great our family portrait is this year.  Of course, I am biased, but we will have one amazing Christmas card!

Yes, I know what you are thinking, "Christmas cards?  WTF?"

But, yes, I am creating our holiday cards, now! In fact, I am a few clicks way from getting our Christmas cards through Shutterfly

I have purchased through Shutterfly for y-e-a-r-s and not just prints, although I do get prints from them, but I also get our yearly family calendar from Shutterfly and greeting cards.  There is, however, a charm bracelet I am currently coveting in the their photo gift collection and maybe if the Husband reads this he will get the hint that I want it... hint, hint.

Anyway, the selection at Shutterfly, is ridiculously big and cards come in 5x5, 5x7 and 4x6 sizes and you can also chose cards that open or are flat.  With so many choices it is really hard to decide, hence, why I have not hit click to order because I can't decide!

One of the many choices of cards we have to chose from.
It is not just the card selection that is giving me pause but we can have photos on the inside and on the back of our card!  Not to mention, there are several layouts to chose in both the inside and back of the cards.  We are also debating about what to write in our Christmas cards, be it a short update on all we have done through out the year or keep it short and simple and just our names - oh, so many choices!  It is probably a good thing to get this out of the way now and not wait till I am submerged in the holiday.  I must admit, it has put me in the mood for snowflakes and evergreens.

Want to get in the mood, too! I have two sets of 25 to giveaway during the Trick or Treat Giveaway hop!!!  This is is my trick though - anyone who comments on THIS post prior to the start of the Trick or Treat Giveaway Hop will get extra entries!

So, comment here now and come back for the Trick or Treat Hop and enter to win a set of 25 photo cards from Shutterfly by putting the number of your comment (going oldest to newest comments) into the extra information section on the rafflecopter form.  Once the contest starts you can not comment for extra entries.  Trick!

Don't Fear the Holidays with Shutterfly's Holiday Card Collection * Giving away 2 sets of 25 cards Ends November 2, 2011

Fine Print
I did not get paid for this post but I will receive a set of Christmas cards for free. Opinions, as always, are 100% mine.

Trick or Treat Halloween Giveaway Hop will take place 10/28-11/2 and will feature many fun treats and tricks!
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