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On Those Stairs, Fiction Happened.

They had fought.

His unrealistic expectations of their relationship weighed heavy on her.


Not sure if that truly describes what they have, had.

She leaned against the heavy wooden door, starring at the staircase that lead to the rooms they had just occupied. Impossibly complicated and beautiful.

How did I get here? she wondered to them.

Needing to escape the world, she took a flight out of town and he followed. Not asking, just showing up.

The intrusion was welcomed. He was part of her fantasy after all but he was a distraction. Why ruin this? Why be more then we are when it was doomed?

She thought she was living a fantasy until he whispered those words. Not ready to hear them, her body went  still and cold to his touch. She had told him of her expectations. Why change the game now?

He spit words at her in his anger for wanting more. She knew his pride was hurt that she did not reciprocate his words but she was not ready. She countered right back hoping her words found their mark.

How dare he, she mused, but to be fair it was not that she did not feel the same it was that she could not. He did not fit in her real world and she was tired of having this conversation.

Sadly, she knew it was time that her fantasy ended. She could feel the anger leave her. She was not mad at him but at the impossible situation. Forgiveness was already given, she just did not know if this was the last time. Would this be how they would end?

Tap, tap, tap. Brass to brass the door knocker brought her back to reality.

Opening the door was not necessary to know who it was on the other side but she slowly pulled it open anyway. She peaked through the small crack she had made to see those eyes pleading with her to let him back in, pleading for forgiveness she had already given him.

His pride would not allow him to speak and for that, she was grateful. Those eyes, so blue, yet so cloudy at that moment. Worried she would not open the door; relived that she did. That small opening was all that was needed and he pushed the door open more, falling in to her waiting arms.

She held his face in her hands for a moment, wanting to see the clouds move and when they did, she kissed him. He clasped the back of her head, pulling her tighter to his body. His hands tangled in the long dark ringlets of her hair, his lips found hers over and over again and words were not needed to know that they were both sorry for what was said.

Her arms wrapped around him and held tight as if the floor was falling out from under them. They moved as one to the stairs, dropping clothes as they went. Off came his shirt, followed by his belt; she paused long enough to move her hands over his chest. Her robe was next and they were at the stairs. He fell backward and took her with her, they did not stop and inched up one step and then another.

Forget the real world, forget reality, forget the fantasy, she wanted him and he her.

Need rising she gave in to her wants on the stairs she...

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