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Do I Have to Say it in Spanish?

My son is at that age when he is testing his boundaries with me using his wits and not just his actions.  Thankfully, the kid is funny and has spot on timing when he accidentally becomes a smart ass.

Case in point:

My soon-to-be-first-grader, occasionally gets dropped of to me at work and spends the last 25 - 30 minutes, of my day, hanging out at the office.  He has become a fixture in the office and most are use to him being there at that time of day.  For the most part... by the time he takes out his art supplies or books it is time to go home.

Some of my colleagues will stop by and say hello or good-bye and depending on his mood he will talk to them and say good night.  One of the girls, Ms Jody, stopped by to chat on a day that Goofy was unusually chatty to everyone and was excitedly telling me something that I could not understand if my life depended on it.

He kept repeating the same phrase and Ms. Jody and I would look at each other and then back him hoping for some clue as to what it was he was saying.  Exasperated, I said that I just had no idea what he is trying to tell me and repeating the same thing was not going to make me understand.

In disgust, Goofy replied, "Do I have to say it in Spanish?"
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