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Week of Beauty * Day Five: Ferro Cosmetics

I received the products in this review for free from Ferro Cosmetics but I did not receive any other compensation for my opinion. The opinions expressed are 100% mine.
Mineral makeup seems to have taken off over the last several years thanks to a certain infomercial that I am sure we have all seen.  I, personally, have not been brave enough (or maybe too cheap) to break out the credit card to try something based on an infomercial.  However, while in Vegas, for my wedding, I was all over the little kiosk that gave me a free make-over and I ended up buying several products from them that day.

All though I really liked the mineral make-up, I did not like it enough to hunt down their website and re-purchase.  I am fickle about make-up.  I am even a little lazy when it comes to make-up.  I can take it or leave it, despite wearing it most days, I am not a fan.  When I wear it - it is foundation, blush, mascara and lip balm.  When I want to be girly, I add eyeshadow, eye liner and lipstick.

There was a time in my life when I wore it every. single. day.  I had to though.  I waited tables and bartended.  All though it was not "required" it just is.  Of course, I would wear it on dates and later when I worked in an office but I do not feel the need to have to wear it and especially now... I work in an office that is not open to the public, so wearing the very bare minimum is okay.

This all changed when I was recently introduced to Ferro Cosmetics.  It is a mom made business with a conscience - probably because of the mom behind it who created this line of cosmetics in her garage after she started researching the ingredients in the cosmetics she used as a professional stylist/make-up artist and wanting to incorporate the things that where on the wish list of those she encountered over the 14+ years in her field.  Talk about taking the wheel!

For this review, I picked the Light Medium Beige Radiance Foundation and the MINI Suzie's Glow Mineral Blush X3.  I did not know what to expect but I was pleasantly surprised with what I got in the mail...

Wrapped, ever so carefully, in the purple and zebra print paper was my order.  Talk about a WOW! factor.  I was thrilled!  I have been using it for the last few weeks and I have to say - I am a fan.  Even my skin looks better with out the foundation since I started using this product!  I can not imagine using anything else now.

I will admit, though, I should be using a bronzer with this because I am fairly tan but luckily the difference is subtle enough that I don't look unnatural and I plan on placing an order soon.  I am also very curious about mineral lipstick and think that the mineral veil will help with the t-zone "glow." My list is growing!

What I found different with Ferro's foundation and the box store foundations that I have bought, is the weight of the powder or... the lack of weight.  I don't feel like I am wearing anything.  In fact, I realized that my shade was a little pinker then I expected was because I put to much on... I was not entirely sure I was getting enough coverage but I was; I just over did it.  Also, the powder does not settle into my *cough* fine lines but quite the opposite... it covers them.  The real selling point would have to be the compliments that I have been getting.  Of course, I am going to buy more!  I did not get this many compliments before with my run of the mill foundation.

The company's website is not just about taking orders  - they also offer hints and tips in the Beauty Parlour as well as answer questions on Facebook and on twitter.  The Beauty Bar was how I figured out which blush was best.

I really feel that not only is this a quality product (I mean they publish all of their ingredients, for heavens sake) but I am supporting a company that genuinely cares about the people who buy their products.  Now, that is a beautiful thing. 
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