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To Each, Their Own... FlipFlop Wine has Sole

Disclosure:  I received a sample bottle of FlipFlop Wines' Pinot Noir to try but I was not paid for the post.  The opinions in the post are my own.

Not to long I got an email saying something about trying a new wine...

My response was, in a nut shell, it would be very mean (on many levels) to tease me about sending me wine to try if you did not mean it and low and behold - Mr. FedEx delivered me a lovely box with sample written across the top and sides. I held my breath as I opened it and there, in all their glory, was three lovely wines screaming to be tried. I am actually, still, working my way through the first bottle from the box... FlipFlop's Pinot Noir.

My favorite wines are red.  I love the way the taste of a nice red lingers on my lips the way a nice kiss stays with you. I love the warmth I get when I take my first sip and I love the sensation I get when that last drop leaves the glass. sigh. I am not, nor will ever be (probably) a connoisseur of fine wines. I am, however, an ex-server so I can tell a cheap bottle from a cheap bottle of wine. My tastes run somewhere above box and below champagne. In other words, I know what I like and it rarely will cost over $40. I really, really like FlipFlop's Pinot Noir.

The Pinot Noir is the first of the three wines I have to try and I will say it again, I really like this wine. It does not have that bite that some cheap (price, not quality) red wines leave you with after you swallow. This Pinot Noir is smooth and has a fine, medium body. I know this will show how low brow I am but - it reminded me of Dr. Pepper, a mommy version of course, but none the less the description on the website pegs it perfectly when they say: Cola aromas and hints of vanilla.

Since opening the bottle, I have had a glass with Chinese food, the Husbands "died and gone to heaven" meatloaf and mashed potatoes and angel food cake with strawberry frosting and this Pinot Noir compliment each and every bite. This red did not overwhelm the food but it was certainly one of the stars of the meal. I also had a glass, late one night, with a piece of milk chocolate and this wine does not disappoint. The texture of the chocolate melted with the smoothness of the wine to create a luxurious taste that left me satisfied.

I will let you in on a little secret - my favorite way to eat Oreos is with a nice Shiraz. I will not say that I am above dunking them in the wine, either. What does the bottle say goes best with this wine... chocolate chip cookies. I will let you know how they taste together... soon, very soon.

Besides being a great wine with a small price tag ($7!)... FlipFlop wines partnered with Soles4Souls and for every bottle of wine sold - they will be donating a pair of shoes to Soles4Souls. Brilliant! I feel good because it is good wine that does not break the bank and someone else gets a pair of shoes - win, win!

Stayed tune for my review on the California Pinot Grigio and the Washington Riesling.

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