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How to Make a Kid Happy on a Long Car Ride

In an unexpected turn of events, our little family will be spending Mother's Day in Georgia... we are driving.

So... with a house sitter booked and a car loaded with movies, suitcases and snacks we will be heading south.

To keep the Kindergartner busy - I made a Trip Book/Journal.  He loves maps, so I printed an extra set of directions so he can follow along as we drive as well as a larger map of the our route.

From, I printed off coloring pages of all the states we would pass through including, handy flash cards to color with trivia on each state.  

I also found on, printable mazes, car bingo and color by numbers to keep him busy on the long car ride.  I put all the pages in clear plastic sheet protectors and put them in a extra large three ring binder.  As an extra bonus, I bought some dry erase markers so he can color on the sheet protectors and wipe them off.

I finished the book off with a ton of pictures that I know he would like to browse through along the way and plenty of extra pages for him to add to the book and journal as we make the trip.  Since, he is learning about sentence structure in school this would be a perfect tie in to that as well.   

Speaking of which... we will be taking his sight word flash cards along with us... like I said, it will be a loooong trip.

Do you have an idea to share?  I would love to hear it!

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