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I Stand with Planned Parenthood

I Stand with Planned Parenthood

It makes me sick and I shake when I think of what would have happened when I was in my 20's, waiting tables, no health insurance and I needed to see a gynecologist.  If Planned Parenthood was not there I would have never seen a gynecologist.  It wasn't even for birth control or *gasp* an abortion but because the health insurance that I was approved for did not cover "female services".  It was because I needed to see a gynecologist.  It was because Planned Parenthood is more then abortions.  It is because they provided and still provide a safe place for women to got to for help.

Kasier, in 1994, wanted to charge me $115 a month but would not cover anything that would be considered under "female services"!?!?!  What else would I need?  Don't get me wrong... I got my pills at Planned Parenthood and continue to do so when I did get insurance from my employer because at the time birth control was not covered by insurance companies.  BUT, $115...  and not see a gynecologist?

It is not right.  It is not right that people go into bankruptcy because they can not pay their hospital bills and it is not right that women are constantly getting the shaft when it comes to health benefits in general.

I really do feel that it is a war against women's health...

Here have a prescription for your limp dick and since it is a prescription you can deduct it on your taxes but please do not expect the same for any reason if you are a woman - especially if you have to buy equipment to continue to feed your child.  I guess that one is fixed, but really?  REALLY?

I had not even planned to write anything today and I never wanted to write something on policy but sweet Jesus are you freaking kidding me?!?!

1 in 5 women have or will use Planned Parenthood.  In 2008, only 3% of all Planned Parenthood services went towards abortions.  Agree or disagree with abortions, but Planned Parenthood is not just abortions and federal funding does not go towards funding them.  The money is used for the rest of the services they provide for women (and actually men) who need help.

If you want to Stand with Planned Parenthood click here to sign the open letter to Congress.

I leave you with this...
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