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Break it Down

I can honestly say that I am leading an interesting life both with the people and experiences I have happened upon.  I have to admit that I though that it ended when I had my first baby...  little did I know, then, that other doors would open (and close) for me but I would be able to include my son in them now.

A few weeks ago my kindergartner had the opportunity to do a guest spot with DJ $crilla on his new, soon to be released CD, $eamless.  Now, by guest spot, I mean he sang some la, la, la bits and says, "break it down" in the middle.  Very, cute, all though he does not believe that is him on the song, but trust me it is.

The voice you really hear doing the la, la, la bits is the sweetest little girl... my Goofy would sing it right in the beginning and then put his own spin on it in the end, so he is there but it is very faint.  He loved the experience so much that he wants to go back so he can record his own song - by himself.  ha!

Chris DJ $crilla gave me permission to post the song and I have to say it is quite good (not just because my kid is on it) and has a really catchy tune... I have been singing the la, la, la bits in my sleep for weeks now.  The bébé digs it, too.  She rocks her body to it while making la, la like noises...  my kids are so talented!  Kidz Bop Dance Party here we come!

The song is Doin' It 4 Ya'll and you can follow DJ $crilla on Facebook and on twitter.

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