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Time and Space - Where Would I Stop the Aging Process?

So...  I decided to do NaBloPoMo for December and see how it goes... it is the holiday season and I am depressed because it is the holiday season and things are not the way they should be but that is life and I need to get over it so without further ado...  I am totally taking the NaBloPoMo prompt for my first post of December.

If I could stop my body from aging at any point in my life I would want it to be sometime in September 2006.  Yes, it may seem a little weird that I know exactly what month of the year I would like to use but screw it... I do.  It was a year and a month after I had my son and I had lost 90 pounds.  Fifty of it was from my pregnancy and the rest was pre-fat that I needed to lose.  I was really comfortable in my own skin... more so then, then I had been in a long time.  I had also just got "fired" from my day job and I was coming out of a really bad spot in my personal life.  My mom was even doing okay.  Life was not terrible.  It was not great but it was on its way to getting better.  I loved being a first time mom and I was loving my body.  I started working at a restaurant that I love (I actually had an interview right after I was told that I was being laid off) and it was a HUGE ego boost to be there and just working.  I even wrote two children books - of course I never saw it through but... that is another story. 

It was also about the time that the Husband asked me to marry him... I actually did not believe him when he asked because we were fighting.  My response was - sure.  He asked later and all I could say was - sure.  Set the date and then I know it is for real and he eventually did and I promptly changed it because I did not want to go to city hall or have it done in my living room.  All though in retrospect that would not have been a bad idea... I could have had it during my reception at my favorite restaurant (which is also where I was working).  I wanted to get married in Vegas.  I have always wanted to get married in Vegas and since I was not sure if we could do the Catholic wedding... we went to Vegas.

So there it is... I wish I had the body of me in September 2006.
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