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Charmed... Guilty Pleasure

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I'm sure that this should be embarrassing but...  I still watch Charmed.  Even when there are new shows to watch on my DVR I will inevitably choose to watch Charmed.

It started when I was on maternity leave.  I was not a big fan of the show when it was on TV.  I usually worked nights so it was not a priority but I watched occasionally, especially the first few seasons.  I would pick up an episode here and there... the last one I remember watching when originally aired was when Leo said good-bye to Piper to be an Avatar... I bawled like a baby because it was such a touching scene.    Anyway... While on maternity leave I would drop Goofy off at preschool and be home for the second of the two shows that airs weekdays on TNT.  At first, I was really turning in to watch Las Vegas but I added to my morning ritual because all I did the first nine weeks of bebe's life was nurse.  She was dedicated.  I nursed from morning till mid-afternoon.  Okay... maybe not nursed the whole time, I sleep a lot in between but Jamba Mama was not easily put down in the beginning (she still isn't).  She would scream until she turned red and then keep screaming until picked up again.  (Ironically her name is red in Gaelic).

I am a little embarrassed at how much TV I watched in those weeks, but there was not much I could or wanted to do but hold her and nurse.  We bonded and had I been watching Charmed before she was born her name would have been Piper.  Anyway... because I would inevitably missed the first of the two episodes I started recording them on my trusty DVR and have since watched all episodes, start to finish, twice.  The first time I watched the last episode was right before I went back to work.  I cried.  I cried because it was over.  The maternity leave and the series.  Never mind the series ended in 2006 but I can honestly say that the series finale was one of the best episodes I have ever watched.  It gave closure.  Las Vegas... did not give closure, in fact I am glad I did not watch that while on the air because I might have stopped watching prime time sooner.

Alas... I am not sure why I watch this show so religiously now... I have always been a fan of SciFi and especially witchcraft.  In fact, bebe's name is from my favorite witch and no her name is not Samantha.  I guess because they represent strong, independent woman but if I said that I would be lying because that is not why I watch.  I watch because there is nothing on TV now geared to fantasy and women.  They are sexy and powerful and it is rare to see that in a TV show, ever.  Women who like sex and are okay to be alone?  Okay to look for Mr. Right and still hold a job?  Women who don't need to be saved by a man?  Women who like being a mom and have no choice but to work?  These are all silly notions of television these days.  No, I will never vanquish a demon but  being kicked out of a cafe for nursing in public maybe, having to go to work everyday and the husband that has to work ridiculous hours... absolutely.  Now, if I only had their house... but at least I can still watch them and now... wait for it... a comic book!  The first few issues are out and I am itching to get my hands on them.  Soon.  Soon.  For now I will watch continue to watch the series (for the third time) and at some point get to the comic book store to puck up the first three issues plus the prequel...
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