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Pump, Pump, Pump it Up

A friend asked me, "when are you going to stop nursing?"  My answer...  "I don't know, when she doesn't want it anymore."  I had no idea that I had a choice in the matter.

Okay.. I know that in theory I have a choice but really...  I don't.  Jamba Mama likes to nurse.  She will drink just enough milk throughout the day to keep her happy and once she is home, we nurse for at least an hour or more.  How can I deny her?  I nursed my four year old until he was eight months and then kept pumping for another month but I often wonder...  how the hell I did it for that long?   What if baby wants to go longer then that? What if she stops today?  I would be devastated because I love being the only one to give her nourishment but I also look forward to the day when my breasts become mine again... until then I will continue to pump, stocking my Frigidaire and nursing at night/weekends.

I have not been to a concert in years... in fact I think the last concert I went to my boy was a year old.  My best friend and his s/o when to see Dave Matthew's at Blossom.  When it was announced that Lilith was returning after all these years I was bound and determined to go this time and the planets seem to be aligning for this to happen.  The husband was off, the tickets were bought on sale ($10!) and I had days left at work to take!

And, than...

The  husband was scheduled to work overtime and over night.   I discovered I can not go longer than four hours without baby or electricity.  I thought for sure these tickets were going to join the other three years that I could not go...  Lilith Fair 1997: flat tire, 1998: transmission failure and 1998: lived with an asshole.  Each year I had tickets; each year I did not make it.

Here it is 2010 and again I would not be going...  then our amazing sitter said she would watch Goofy and what the heck... let's bring the bebe!  I even made a booby cover to nurse in "private" (that lasted once, then I just flopped the boob out... celebration of women!).

We originally had lawn seats but for $10 more we "jumped the fence" and got great pavilion seats...  since our original tickets were a one day, one concert, no fee promotion through LiveNation.com we only paid $10 for them.  $20 to see Sarah McLachlan, Mary J. Blige and Sara Bareilles (plus some other female bands that were good, too)!!!

It was a great day!  Mama was a rockstar...  she/we were stopped often and other then a few drunks that were a little annoying it was great.  She won't remember but I will have a story to tell her.

I did have a little guilt about her being in the pavilion because it was loud.  I came prepared with ear plugs and I held them in the whole time to insure she did not go deaf...  she slept through Mary J and Sarah for the most part.  She woke a couple times when the bass boomed or her ear plug fell out but other then that she was out.  *phew*  I have to admit though...  I danced around her in the morning clapping my hands to make sure she could hear; a little afraid that she slept because she was already deaf from the loudness of a rock concert lol.

One of the funniest stories from that day was right in the beginning...  I had to nurse and the boys needed beer so off they went and I parked myself at a picnic table where some other women were already sitting.

When I was finished I  started talking to the women around me who were there to see Mary J.  Having the baby there made for an easy conversation starter and as we talked the boys came back.  The women would look at me, then at one of the boys and then back to the baby... finally one asked "which one is the father?"  I nearly pee'd I laughed so hard.  The look on the boys' faces were priceless especially my bff's boyfriend!  You would think they just told him that they were going to cut off his right arm.

The concert was great, I am still nursing and my little man will be turning 5 years old next month...  Kindergarten in the fall!  Pump It Up for his birthday.  Oh boy!  Put the deposit down and we wrote out the invites.  I let him write his friend's name out and not only did a god job he can recognize their names.  Genius I tell you, genius. 

I f you told me 5 1/2 years ago that this would be my life I would have had a stroke.  This was not the plan...  thank God/Goddess for unanswered prayers.  Off to nurse the bebe...
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